Stained Glass Window Cleaning

Stained glass windows are a work of art that has been around for hundreds of years. They’re powerful and evocative, even if they tend to evoke religious imagery. They’re not confined to that, of course, but it’s the part of the human experience they’re most associated with.


It’s not impossible to see beautiful stained glass elsewhere, though. Some old homes might have them on doors or windows. These get dirty like ordinary windows, and that means calling someone to handle the window cleaning Perth.


Of course, you could do it yourself, too. Professionals probably know how to handle things better, but when has that ever stopped people from trying to DIY things?


If you decide to handle it yourself, here are some tips to keep in mind.


First, you’ll need a lot of supplies. A large bowl, at least a gallon of distilled water, a microfiber cloth, and a gentle cleaning product will be necessary. You’ll want to avoid anything with ammonia, abrasives, or vinegar to minimise the risk of damaging the stained glass.


Towels by the windowsills to catch drips are essential. You can probably ignore these if you’re also cleaning the wall and floor at the same time, though.


The cloth you use should be wrung after being soaked. It’s better to clean glass with the cloth damp instead of wet. A wet towel doesn’t make things cleaner, and it just makes more of a mess and increases the risk of streaking and spots.


Rinse the cloth often while cleaning, to make sure you’re not just spreading dirt around.


You want to start at the top and work your way down. This is a logical progression because it lets you clean any drips that come down. Spot-test a tiny area of each new colour, just to make sure things are correctly bonded.


If the glass is leaded, you’ll want to wash each piece separately.


A cotton swab dipped in the soapy water mix is useful for cleaning around edges and corners. Cloth doesn’t do well in those areas, missing a lot of dirt and grime.


Use a soft paper towel to dry areas you’ve already washed. If paper towels aren’t available, a second cloth that’s soft and dry will do the job too.


Do this whole process for both the inside and outside. This makes the most of the effect. However, remember that stained glass tends to be covered by a protective layer on the outside, so you’re only able to clean the inside.

Pre-painting Thoughts

Painting is one of those many apparent wall finishes from which we can select from, how to finely finish our apartments. There are lots of things involved in painting. It would be just naïve of us to assume painting is all about getting a brush and splashing on the wall some color.

Well, if that’s how you think, you should set out some day, and I bet, you’d be disappointed to know that painting is a profession people take nothing less than a year to learn.

The truth is, there’s no occupation, no matter how small it is, that does not require series of learning and heeding to education by practices before adroitness of skills is attained.

The same with painting. However, today, we won’t be looking at the art or technicalities of painting but into what I call “Pre-painting thoughts.”

Clearly, there are things to be considered before painting a room.

First is, the color; the color of a room symbolizes a lot of things; It carries a lot of meanings. It won’t take psychologists, or behaviorists split seconds to know the kind of person you are, seeing the color of your room. Ladies widely use the color pink with a touch of red for the upper parts of the room near the ceiling but not so much red. Some ladies too, use blue – Sky blue is cool while guys mostly use yellow, wine, lilac, etc.

Another thing to be considered is those who should occupy the room. This is a bit interwoven with color as described in the preceding paragraph. Who the people are matters and are major dwells. Kids’ room is not expected to be painted white for they’re small and won’t understand a thing but will get the wall dirty in no time.

In fact, there are also some parts of the adult’s room that shouldn’t be painted white – White is a very delicate color. Areas near the bed, where they are always touching should not be painted white. If painted white, it will get stained soon.


Basically, for kids, dark colors, which will not really pronounce stains are advisable.